We offer a place where new moms can restore their core after baby, learn about postpartum wellness and read tips on infant and early childhood skill-building.


Toolkit for postpartum healing

  • Video tutorials to strengthen your core and pelvic floor after baby
  • Education in emotional and mental postpartum health
  • Need-to-know info on self-care and healing
  • *BONUS* Printables for postpartum life, budgeting, recipes, and MORE

What's in the course?

The Toolkit for Postpartum Healing is designed to help brand new moms adjust to postpartum life. 

The toolkit addresses these concerns:

  • How to restore tone to your core/abs
  • How to strengthen your pelvic floor
  • How to prepare make-ahead, healthy meals
  • How to deal with visitors after baby is born
  • How to care for breasts, nipples, vagina, and belly
  • How to recognize symptoms of postpartum mood disorders 
  • How take care of your mental health

Got tips on postpartum life? Have questions you'd like to ask other moms?

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“Having children is like living in a frat house — nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.”
— Everybody Loves Raymond

Make your physical and mental health a priority. 


Do you want to restore muscle tone to your core? Are you nervous about what your postpartum life will be like? Are you already overwhelmed with life with your newborn? Many women struggle with body image issues and 86% of women report that their tummy hasn't returned to normal even 1-2 years after their baby. 15-20% of new mothers have some form of postpartum mood disorder. These are real numbers and real issues for women. We want you to look and feel your best, in body and mind. 

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